Lecturer Aminu Muhammad Kaura

Sannu da zuwa wannan Shafi Namu, Wu ce Zuwa Gaba; domin, Samun Labaran duniya, Da Rahotanni, dama Harkokin da suka shafi Addinin muslunci.

In the name of Allah the beneficial the mercifull.

Praise be to Allah the master of the day of jurdgement the lord of the world

and his messenger peace and blessing be upon him his family members and his companions

initially i will use this oppurtunity to thank Allah subhanahu wata Alah

who allowed me to appear in to this website

more over i thank my God due to i pound my self as a muslim

and iam proud with it at any where

i will use this opportunity to assure you all the vizitors of our website that

very soon i shall try to fine the hadiths in oder to imbed it in to this website there fore through this imbeding

you shall get any kinds hadiths that you want to fine

and more over i shall try my best to fine and to get the videos photos and upload it at any time

fore the porpose of the acheve of our some aspiration

and i shall use this opportunity to do an wakely call to the entire nigerian nation

about the problem that the going to and fro in our country i.e nigeria and its very important

for us to put this and remind it to our daily prayers we ought to spend all our time in oder to provide the peace in to our country

when ever we make or we go towards prayer its very important for us to pray Allah

to set our country in peace because of for our position as a muslims we knew very well that

prayer is the weapon of beliver as our prophet muhammad (saw) said in the hadiths

so that may Allah protect, guide, assist, help our nation and may God protect it from any kind of misfutune

and may God eradicate the nigerian looters in the presidency where ever they are and

replace them with Good leaders for the love of your prophet muhammad (saw). Amen summa amin.


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