Lecturer Aminu Muhammad Kaura

Sannu da zuwa wannan Shafi Namu, Wu ce Zuwa Gaba; domin, Samun Labaran duniya, Da Rahotanni, dama Harkokin da suka shafi Addinin muslunci.

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most mercifull

greatings and thanks be to Allah the master of the day of jurdgment the lord of the world

praise and blessing of Allah be to his prophet muhammad (saw) his family members and his companions

i testfied that there is no deity worthy of woship except Allah and muhammad is his messenger

i belived with the onenesss of God and no power no energy is belong to Allah

i thank Allah (swt) immensely and enormosly to find my self as a muslim and the entire our extended family are so muslims

noon of them are not so muslim that is very good and that is what i wants to know and see throughout the world

or my lord i seek your protection, or my lord i seek your Assistance or my lord i seek your guidance to the entire my Activities

may Allah set our country in peace and protect us and our nation from the harm of any machinations that shall arise from any kind of ploters


more over i would like to tell you or anounce you the entire our vizitors espicially muslim

very soon we shall do any thing posible towards uploading the importants iterms that are relevant to our religion

by the God willing

this iterms should include vidieos photos, images, etc

and we shall upload hadiths of our prophet peace be upon him

and also we shall do try to bring the verses of the quran in oder to preach the some of our brothers due to continuation of our religion

so help me God


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